Saturday, January 3, 2009

My New Year's Eve...

Hello all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Mine was a very interesting New Years holiday, but it was definitely an experience.  New year's eve I went to the 2009 Hawaii Bowl with my boss and his friend and family, it was a good time and a good game!  I got to see the famous Notre Dame football team play, those guys are giants, but it was a really good game!  Here are some pics from the game.
                           This is a shot of ALOHA STADIUM, home of the U.H. Warriors!!!
               After the opening ceremony they had helicopters fly overhead!!!  It was sweet!

   Fire spinners during half time, also really SWEET!  I think I want to learn how to spin fire ;)

Notre Dame wins... and here they threw the Gatorade on their coach!  Haha it was funny.  Well I hope you all enjoyed the game ;)

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