Monday, January 19, 2009

Another great weekend!

NOW I AM OFFICIALLY IN HAWAII!!!  Oh my gosh so this weekend has been pretty eventful... I finally received my bike in the mail, THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!, and I spent Saturday after noon putting it together, my first re-assembling my bike, went pretty well I might add...

... that is until I forgot to tighten two screws back up again after checking everything; jumped on my bike, peddled once and the wheel turns one way, the handle bars another, and I eat the concrete... thanks fully no injuries, just a really sore leg from hitting my lock, ouch.  As much as it hurt once I hit, it was pretty funny because I was so excited that my bike was here, and I put it together, then... WHAM!  So, I was able to bike with my sister and Rob to the bike shop where they looked at it and fixed the problem for me, now I'm riding smooth... except for the second time I almost wiped out after my tire skidded against a curb, oye, what next :(  But today (Sunday) was a good day woke up, listened to a great message from God, just what I needed for the day, and then biked around Hawaii with Jen and Rob to run some errands, see some more bike shops (love those places!!!) and then I finally,  FINALLY went swimming at WAIKIKI BEACH!!!  During the BEAUTIFUL SUNSET!!!  Oh my gosh there were so many "postcard pictures" while I was chilling in the water.  I'm talking sunsets, sailboats in the sunsets, Diamond Head mountain, Waikiki beach... Wow!  God's creations, nothing like them!

Overall this was an experience weekend, you know those ones where you experience everything both good and bad, just try and keep the good ones, and find joy from the bad.  Be blessed, everyone!!!  Talk to you soon!

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