Sunday, January 25, 2009

mmm mmm gooood ;)

Soo, many people think of pancakes and blueberry, banana, macadamian nut, or good old fashion butter milk "flap jacks."  Me, I think of chocolate chip :) YUM!  Those are the best kinds, every once in a while, I like to make some for breakfast, you know gotta cheat once in a while, but I pride myself in my chocolate chip pancakes, take a look... you can almost;  almost, taste them :)

One Handed, thank you, thank you ;)

It's not chocolate chip pancakes with out the key ingredients!!!

A little peanut butter and condensed milk, sooo good! :D

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Andrew PC Smith said...

Chocolate pancakes are the best.

"Pancakes really make you lower your expectations.. Well, looks like I'm not showering today, gonna be digesting those carb cakes for hours." -Jim Gaffigan