Tuesday, January 27, 2009

God's paint brush!

Hi all!
Sorry for the delay on posting these pics, but it's been an interesting start to the week... anywho, this weekend was absolutely FANTASTIC!  God just never ceases to amaze, this weekend I got to go on an awesome hike!  And for those of you who no me, I've never been a big hiking fan, but for some reason hiking in Hawaii is just more enjoyable... ok a lot more enjoyable!  Maybe it has something to do with the location?  wink wink;  So back to the weekend, I went on a hike with my older sister, her boyfriend and some of his friends, good company, great view, AWESOME GOD!  You know, no other being could create colors and scenery like these and hold bragging rights, I bet got comes up with these types settings, to just remind us of how magnificent He truly is!  Here are some pics from our hike up Lanikai, in Kailua, Hawaii.  ENJOY and be blessed!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

mmm mmm gooood ;)

Soo, many people think of pancakes and blueberry, banana, macadamian nut, or good old fashion butter milk "flap jacks."  Me, I think of chocolate chip :) YUM!  Those are the best kinds, every once in a while, I like to make some for breakfast, you know gotta cheat once in a while, but I pride myself in my chocolate chip pancakes, take a look... you can almost;  almost, taste them :)

One Handed, thank you, thank you ;)

It's not chocolate chip pancakes with out the key ingredients!!!

A little peanut butter and condensed milk, sooo good! :D

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another great weekend!

NOW I AM OFFICIALLY IN HAWAII!!!  Oh my gosh so this weekend has been pretty eventful... I finally received my bike in the mail, THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!, and I spent Saturday after noon putting it together, my first re-assembling my bike, went pretty well I might add...

... that is until I forgot to tighten two screws back up again after checking everything; jumped on my bike, peddled once and the wheel turns one way, the handle bars another, and I eat the concrete... thanks fully no injuries, just a really sore leg from hitting my lock, ouch.  As much as it hurt once I hit, it was pretty funny because I was so excited that my bike was here, and I put it together, then... WHAM!  So, I was able to bike with my sister and Rob to the bike shop where they looked at it and fixed the problem for me, now I'm riding smooth... except for the second time I almost wiped out after my tire skidded against a curb, oye, what next :(  But today (Sunday) was a good day woke up, listened to a great message from God, just what I needed for the day, and then biked around Hawaii with Jen and Rob to run some errands, see some more bike shops (love those places!!!) and then I finally,  FINALLY went swimming at WAIKIKI BEACH!!!  During the BEAUTIFUL SUNSET!!!  Oh my gosh there were so many "postcard pictures" while I was chilling in the water.  I'm talking sunsets, sailboats in the sunsets, Diamond Head mountain, Waikiki beach... Wow!  God's creations, nothing like them!

Overall this was an experience weekend, you know those ones where you experience everything both good and bad, just try and keep the good ones, and find joy from the bad.  Be blessed, everyone!!!  Talk to you soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

...Later that night...

Well for those of you who read my last post and are or were waiting in such anticipation... Later that night, as I said earlier that my sister had just come back home from Chicago, she had brought all of the CHRISTMAS GIFTS FROM MY WONDERFUL FAMILY AND COUSINS from back home!!!  You know I don't want to sound  selfish, but I truly believe that God didn't let me go home to Chicago on purpose!  It gave me the chance to just spend the Holidays alone with Him and grow closer to my Lord, and yet He still blessed me that feeling of family and togetherness, I must say I got really home sick once I opened those gifts and not being able to yell "THANK YOU!!!" to whom ever gave it to me from across the pile of torn wrapping paper... but it was such a good feeling, we all got gifts, Jen, Rob, Juanita, and myself, it was so nice... so my Christmas came a little late this year ;)

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" you just can't beat it!!!
Alright, a little over the top, but it adds to the excitement! ;)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! To our family, cousins, and relatives for the gifts!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  This Christmas season just showed me that even though I spent Christmas Eve/Day and New Years Eve alone, I was still in the company of my God and He has blessed me by showing that I am still being thought of and loved by those half way around the world from me :)  Take some time and thank God for all the blessings in your life :)

My Sisters Birthday!

Hey all,
Well I had a GREAT WEEKEND!  Friday my older sister and her boyfriend Rob came back from their winter breaks!  Thursday January 8th was Jen's birthday, so on Friday she thought that it was just going to be her and I, but Rob came home 1 day early to surprise her, and we took her to a really good restaurant for dinner, called "Bubba Gump Shrimp!"  I am so blessed to have such a great older sister and to be living with such wonderful room mates!  Here are some pics from dinner!

The night wasn't over just yet, we got back to the apartment and there was some fun surprises waiting... but you'll have to check in tomorrow to see what they were!!! he he he :)  Be blessed everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Mornings! (Self Portraits!)

Hello all!  Well this past weekend was a lot of fun as some may have seen on the post "first 'First Friday.'"  However, Sunday I had a particularly good day because I decided (and finally found the time) to practice taking self portraits of... myself!  It was cool because I read up on how to finally utilize some photography tricks in taking my self portraits!  Check em' out! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

My first "First Friday!"

Well this was a FANTASTIC weekend, particularly this past Friday!  But before we begin let me give you the back story of "First Friday" it is held once a month, on the... you guessed it; the first Friday of every month.  Basically it is a day where the majority of the small businesses in downtown chinatown open their doors to the public displaying their products and offering finger foods or drinks, etc...  It's actually pretty cool to see.  Growing bands come out and play for the crowds, new artists demonstrate their skill, and businesses publicize their products.  It's like one big marketing block party, I've actually never seen it done in any other city, but apparently every major city in Hawaii does this.  Mainly to promote the local economy and support the local small business owners.  After all; it is an island ;)  Here are some pics from my first "First Friday!"
Some tunes for the crowd to tango to :)
A horse and carriage ride around the city... I didn't even know we had horses on this island ;)
Most of my time was spent here watching an artist displaying his talent of body painting, a band showcasing their really good tunes, and a photographer capturing the moments.  It was really cool to watch everything work together.  It was one of the most popular venues throughout the night!
The featured photographer, whom I had the privilege of meeting was Arthur Witherspoon.
(Above photograph by Arthur Witherspoon)
The featured band at the artistic event, "Malia & McCoy," whom I also had the privilege of meeting (Tim & Malia) played some great music and are two really talented musicians.  To hear more of their music stylings click on the link ;)  http://www.promofm.com/TimothySMcCoy
So, as I walk off so fades the glow of my first "First Friday" but keep checking in, cause the glow will return... in one month ;)  Be blessed everyone!