Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Okay, well that was quick wasn't it, so let me just say that I had a FANTASTIC DAY (8/26/08)!!!  I went to Chicago with a really great person, and got to use my new 5D and I can not think of a more beautiful site to introduce my new camera to :)  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... ENJOY EVERYONE!!!



Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!  I've joined the ranks... I Finally, by God's grace, bought a Canon 5D and loving it!  It is such a great camera I just had to tell you fine folks about it... So, know let the praying begin for some business :)

Thank you all for listening... This has been a public announcement from Steven Ryne Photography, you may now go back to your regularly scheduled program, be sure to check back frequently for more updates :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hello all,
LOOK!!  2 DAYS in a row, haha what'd ya know I'm improving ;)  So I thought I'd give you a little more on how awesome the Free to Succeed tour/ conference really was!!!  So if you know me, at all, I have a tendency to run late, however for this (regardless of the insane traffic) I got there at exactly 6pm and I MADE IT, A WOO HOO!!! 
So first up was David Jay...
He opened up with a great presentation on Workflow, and how to minimize the time we as photographers spend in front of the computer, like I'm doing right now ;), and more with our clients and behind the camera... cause lets face it; that's why most of us became photographers; right?  I obviously wont go into too much detail cause, well I don't want to give DJ's presentation for him, if I'm not on the payroll ;)  (just kidding)  

2nd to bat was the magnificent Jasmine Star...
I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation; it wasn't so much on the technical aspects of photography or editing... but it was more on the personal aspect of photography and how to construct your label through searching your soul, because when we as small business owners provide a service, we should think of our clients as people and not profit margins... so if your clients can find a connection between themselves and you... well then you'll be pretty successful :)  And in order to be successful; you better know WHO YOU ARE!!!

And anchoring the relay; was David Jay, yet again...
Finishing off the conference was DJ talking about lightroom 2.0 and comparatively I have 1.1 and just from the presentation, 2.0 is much more efficient and has way cooler gadgets :)  He also discussed the benefits of applying your uniqueness to your business in the aspects of your website, relationships to your clients and prospective clients and how to separate yourself from the rest; by being YOURSELF!
(Wow... I actually look like I'm learning, pst... I'm really sleeping :)  JUST KIDDING!)

I really found this conference applicable to my life and where the business is at right now, it has caused me to revamp the way I carry my workflow and where I really need to make some changes... I am excited to apply what I have learned from this conference and where God will take the business once focuses are shifted and changes have been made.

(Absolutely fantastic people...)

Thank you God for the many, MANY, blessings you have placed in my life... I thank you for my family and my friends who have helped me begin this NEW area of my life (you all know who you are); thank you for showing me and  continually showing me the man that I am becoming. Lord as I embark on more business endeavors and continually putting myself into this company, I pray that YOU be with me always, help me to realize WHO I AM more and more each day, and let YOUR KINGDOM be furthered through the prosperity of this business, and let my life show YOUR presence in everything that I do... in your precious and HOLY NAME I PRAY... AMEN...

(A special thanks to KENNY KIM for letting me use his photos, thanks bro!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello all,
Ok, so I am absolutely terrible at the whole blogging bit... I am sorry to all of you who read my stuff... unless you've given up :(  Well, I hope you haven't, but anywho... so there has been a lot of things going on in my life lately;  I am officially 23 yrs old now (HOLY COW!!!)  Also, I am really trying to get a better grasp on owning a business and with all these new things going on in my life it is very, Very, VERY!  difficult trying to develop a work flow, so again I want to apologize to all of those who may be waiting to hear from me :(  

On a brighter note... yesterday I got to attend my 1st photography conference, IT WAS AMAZING!!!  I had the privilege of finally meeting the infamous David Jay... I think he is a photographer? ;)  Just kidding :)  and the absolute privilege of meeting Jasmine Starr, who is FANTASTIC!!  Along with those two I got to meet a whole lot of wonderful people and other photographers and I learned so much about how to better my business :)  I also have just recently bought show it web and am trying to figure out the last step of publishing the slideshows, so hopefully once I do that I will be putting up some slideshows on the blog and be able to keep updating you all about what's new.  

Oh yeah... if anyone can help me out in publishing the slideshows from show it that'd be greatly appreciated :)  Hope you all are doing well, and please keep checking in, I promise to work on my BLOGGING SKILLS!!!  :)