Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well I'm here now... let me just elaborate on how real this has become to me!  I have never done anything of this physical magnitude in my life!  I used to always wonder, "How can those people run that much?", "You're biking how long!?!", or "1000 meters, uh?  I don't think I can swim that far?"  Now I know...

I arrived @ Kona Airport around 4:15 pm (HST) after a greuling 30 minute flight! *Note: Sarcasm ;)  During the night before, the packing, and even the flight, I really didn't think much of anything.  Sure I was getting excited for the race, but I had no idea of what this course was going to look like, or feel like... until I trotted down the steps of the plane, which became a slow thud with each step as I looked at my "arena..."  KONA... it was not smiling back :(

This was taken with my phone when my dad picked me up from the airport as we were driving to pick up my cousins and sister from Hapuna beach on our way to Hilo.  Hapuna beach also happens to be where the race begins with the swim portion, so I thought I'd test the water while I was there... but on the WAY there and to Hilo, this was the lay of the land for the majority of the drive...  That is not a happy blue sky with a golden sunshine and lush grass.  THAT is a grey stew of clouds, heated precipitation, and vog (volcanic fog consisting of volcanic ash, glass, and debris from a recent grumble).  Those darker shaded areas in the distance are supposed to be mountains...?  Blanketed by the dimming eyes of Kona and the dry dessert grass is surrounded by black volcanic rock.  My first actions when stepping off the plane were lifting my sunglasses and looking at MY BIKE COURSE!  As I let out a faint "whistle" of astonishment, the reality of this race set in!  This was no spring walk through the park... this is big time... THIS IS WHAT I'VE TRAINED FOR!  As I glare into the valley of shadows, get ready ;)

* Please keep following my blogs as I keep you up to date on the days events during my final days to the 70.3 Ironman Hawaii... encouragement is always appreciated ;)  More to come tomorrow! Until then, Goodnight and God bless :D

2 Days until THE DAY!

Oh man how long has it been!  I am so sorry to everyone for my absence; life has been a "little" busy ;)  Well I want to give an update of where my life is going at present.  I have just arrived here in BEAUTIFUL Kona, Hawaii... beautiful of course would not have been my first words to describe the land where my plane touched down into... (will elaborate on shortly).

For those who do not know, for the past 30 some odd weeks I have been in training, and now the day is but 2 stars away... my big race!  The 2009 70.3 Ironman Hawaii Triathlon!  This is definitely a nerve wrecking time for me, but also SO EXCITING, as I am reaching closer to a life long achievement.  Now if you are unfamiliar with the sport, a triathlon consists of 3 disciplines:  Swim, Bike, Run and the 70.3 represents the TOTAL MILEAGE in which I will be undergoing; 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run... as I duke it out head to head with my fellow triathletes, father time, and the grueling heat and volcanic weather conditions that reside in KONA! 

"I don't want to be a product of my environment... I want my environment to be a product of me..."