Sunday, June 15, 2008

Congratulations Andrew!!

Hi all!!  Again sorry about the delay but these are some senior pictures of a buddy of mine, Andrew Barlow, just graduated from high school and I got to tag along with his sister Sarah and some other photographer friends to shoot his senior pictures.  Take a look and feel free to leave some comments; we appreciate the support... and I'm going to say it, ENJOY!!  ;)

Andrea and Gordon's Wedding

Holy Cow folks!!!  I'm so sorry to any viewers out there who have been waiting for me to put up some of my latest work but life has been busy still trying to build this company... any who, these are some pictures of a wedding where I was a second shooter for Sarah Barlow and one of her interns Cait.  The wedding was absolutely stunning and it took place at the Naperville Riva.  Congratulations to Andrea and Gordon again and for the rest of you, please; ENJOY!!!

More of Andrea & Gordon's Wedding