Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm so blessed by friendships.

Rob and I went to Chicago. It was his first time to fly from California to Chicago. So, of course, I had to show him "The Bean" in Millennium Park. Personally, I have been downtown numerous time but I never get bored with it.

There was so much that has happened so far. One sweet road trip this summer was to Nashville, Tennessee where Sarah introduced us to Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles. Rebecca and Rob found a new favorite flavor - Pineapple with Chile. Yes, it is yummy! We also found out that Las Paletas is going to be on the show "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" which I'll have to tune into that night and claim. "Hey, I was there!"

On top of all this fun, I got together with my good ol' roommates, Steph, Sharon and Melanie, from Judson University. It was the first time since we graduated that all of us were able to meet and catch up. Sharon is showing off some stellar shades from Charlotte Russe. B-)

As for today, I feel calm and contemplative. I enjoyed a great day out with the Barlow Family celebrating Andrew's Gradutaion party at Oakwood Park in Winfield, Illinois. I'm so blessed to have all these friends and family.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Good day :P

Hello all, 
So just a little schpeel on how the day was today... Church was great as always, and the message was good, afterwards, got the chance to go celebrate a good buddies high school graduation... Congrats Andrew!!!  It was good times, lots of good people there and I got to play a whole bunch of SOCCER, and YOU KNOW THAT'S ALWAYS A GOOD THING!!!  Kicking it was fun but definitely played all of that bare foot :) :( good and bad, you know... good cause die hards can play bare foot, but bad cause now my feet are so red and sore, and if you know me, redness is not something you can see on my skin very easily ;)  Overall the day was a good one... getting some stuff ready for my first FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT TOMORROW!!!  WOO HOO, I am also going to get to style them and their kids so, good stuff :)  Alright well, just thought I'd let you all know how the day went :)  But be sure to check back, and I'll tell you about the photo shoot soon enough, BE BLESSED EVERYONE!!!  :)


And this is me after I scored my 5th goal in the game... what... what... that really is me ;)
* Just a little humor people :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a Day it was!!! :)

Well Hello EVERYONE,

Well the events that occur in this blog are a little dated back, so I apologize, but life is moving along swimmingly... if that is a word. Anyways, I had one of the best days of my life in a good long while. It started out with my first senior pictures shoot, and it went really well, got to meet some really great people, and after looking over the finished products, the pictures turned out great :) After that, I had the privilege of attending a very good friend's birthday party, Sarah Barlow, at a really fancy Japanese inspired restaurant. The food was splendiferous... haha you like that word ;) and the company was even better, the table was graced with a delicious array of foods and seated encompassing this table was some of the most delightful and stunning young women found in the greater Chicago land area, because each one of them "looks FANTASTIC!!!" as I quoted to them semi-bashfully, probably because I've never addressed that many women at once :) Anywho I had the absolute honor of meeting and sitting next to three very exceptional young women, who happen to have their own band, I think their called "The Barlow Girls"... of course at the time I didn't know that and asked them "So... how do you guys know Sarah?" as the entire table looked at me as if they all simultaneously said "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!" The one sitting next to me, Lauren, said "um we're related" and I said "OH, that's cool..." and then

Sarah: Um they have a band...
Me: Oh really? That's exciting
Sarah: Yeah... um... have you heard of The Barlow Girls?

- A silence hovers over the table as if someone turned us all on MUTE
- What seemed like 1 min later... actually 3-4 seconds...

Me: OHH!!! So you three are The Barlow Girls, ok well it's NICE TO MEET YOU!! :)

- A laughter fills the table, which then fills the RESTAURANT [Sarah, you know that laugh was yours ;) - just kidding]

Following that AWESOME (sarcastic undertone) display of Rico Suaveness in meeting 3 amazing women for the first time... wait a go Steeeeve :( The night was a blast, from inside jokes, to strolling down memory lane, and making jokes about photos of other countries with Lauren, (good stuff, I'm telling you we should really try for that cable night show, haha) The night was an overall success and one of the best I have ever had in a really long time. God has a great way of speaking to you when you least expect it, giving you rest when it is much needed, watching over you and always seeing you through the difficult stuff every form, reminding you that friends are blessings too, and introducing you to more GREAT people who just add to those blessings :)

The images are from my first Senior shoot with a great friend and client, thanks Gianna it was such a good shoot and you were GREAT, hope you Enjoy them, and don't forget to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, ONE... BY... ONE ;) Be BLESSED EVERY + 1 ;)

More of My First Senior Shoot :)

Here are more from Gianna's Senior Shoot :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Check it Out!

Hey everybody!

Our website is up and running so check it out! We hope you are just as excited about this as we are-- woo hoo!! :)

Steven Ryne Photography

Hope all of you have had an amazing day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hello folks!!! Well I am really trying to get into this blogging thing, it's new for me so I have a hard time remembering to update it and I apologize to all of you who look forward to hearing from me :) So here are some of my newest events, I recently just got back from Nashville, TN "YA'LL" with my older sister and her boyfriend and my cousin... we went down to visit my younger sister Sarah and just hang out! It was such a good time, I had originally planned to take advantage of Nashville's beautiful scenery and rustic atmosphere and do a photo shoot, but scheduling with the models ended up not working out as well as I had planned to make a long story short... so I didn't get to do any fashion shoot at all, I was really bummed but after much debating with God, He just told me to trust in Him and that His timing is PERFECT!!! So as hard as it is for someone with a creative vision and the means to make that creative vision come to life, then put that on lay away for the time being is a very difficult thing to do! I just have to keep praying that God will bring things to pass :)

Other than that, the trip went very well, Sarah took us to this place called Las Paletas, which sells the best popsicles you will ever have, I highly recommend that if you are in Nashville, TN you should go and try some. Along with eating a popsicle once every day, literally, we did a whole bunch of other stuff, we went to Centennial Park, went out to eat at a bunch of different and tasty southern restaurants, and we went LINE DANCING!!! hahaha now I'm southern!

Now on to the 4TH OF JULY!!! Very interesting experience the 4th of July in the SOUTH, let me tell you, not the same as up here at all!!! We went to Downtown Nashville to see the fireworks and that city gets so CROWDED, ridiculously CROWDED!! I can't remember a time where we weren't shoulder to shoulder with people being herded into one direction, life cattle... ANYWHO!!! We went down to the Cumberland River to watch the Nashville Symphony Orchestra play on a boat and the fireworks shot off behind them!! It was really cool, and it is said that Nashville has the 3rd best fireworks display in the country next to New York and Washington DC and you know what... THEY ARE RIGHT!!! Overall, the trip as a whole was good, and a God really just showed me alot!!!

Well folks, I'll be adding another one, shortly!!! Take care everyone and God bless!!!