Monday, January 5, 2009

My first "First Friday!"

Well this was a FANTASTIC weekend, particularly this past Friday!  But before we begin let me give you the back story of "First Friday" it is held once a month, on the... you guessed it; the first Friday of every month.  Basically it is a day where the majority of the small businesses in downtown chinatown open their doors to the public displaying their products and offering finger foods or drinks, etc...  It's actually pretty cool to see.  Growing bands come out and play for the crowds, new artists demonstrate their skill, and businesses publicize their products.  It's like one big marketing block party, I've actually never seen it done in any other city, but apparently every major city in Hawaii does this.  Mainly to promote the local economy and support the local small business owners.  After all; it is an island ;)  Here are some pics from my first "First Friday!"
Some tunes for the crowd to tango to :)
A horse and carriage ride around the city... I didn't even know we had horses on this island ;)
Most of my time was spent here watching an artist displaying his talent of body painting, a band showcasing their really good tunes, and a photographer capturing the moments.  It was really cool to watch everything work together.  It was one of the most popular venues throughout the night!
The featured photographer, whom I had the privilege of meeting was Arthur Witherspoon.
(Above photograph by Arthur Witherspoon)
The featured band at the artistic event, "Malia & McCoy," whom I also had the privilege of meeting (Tim & Malia) played some great music and are two really talented musicians.  To hear more of their music stylings click on the link ;)
So, as I walk off so fades the glow of my first "First Friday" but keep checking in, cause the glow will return... in one month ;)  Be blessed everyone!

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