Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Q's, TIPS & TID BITS: "16:1"

Most of us photographers love attending conferences and workshops, but everyone experiences those times where we run into some road blocks in getting the knowledge we're desiring in order for our business to grow.  Whether it's due to money issues, inconvenient timing, unreachable locations, whatever have you.

But these past two days were absolutely amazing, I had the opportunity to attend a 2 day workshop for FREE and learn from 16 different master photographers including, but not limited to Dane Sanders, Sarah Petty, Kevin Kubota and many more...  oh did I mention it was all in my own office.  Thanks to business owner and photographer Sarah Petty, with her "The Joy of Marketing" Telesummit!  What a treat it was to learn from these master and I am truly a better photographer and business owner because of it!  I am so excited for what the future holds and all the wonderful new changes my business and photography will be going through in the very near future.  So I hope you'll all be excited with me and be on the look out!

Thank you to all the speakers for helping me better myself and my business!  I wish you all success and hope to meet you & shoot with you someday as well.  God bless! :)

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