Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Shoot with Passion": JOE BUISSINK

"I will do what my passion is!" - Joe Buissink
Awesome indeed!  I feel like that's not even a big enough word to describe how much I learned and was captivated by this man and his photographic knowledge and artistry.  The night started out with an introduction by David Wittig and Pictage CEO Jim collins.  
Joe Buissink 91409
Joe Buissink 91409
To be honest, before this I had never heard of Joe, my initial thoughts for going were, "Sweet!  I get a chance to network and hey the more you can learn, the better."  What I was not expecting was to learn so much.  A celebrity wedding photographer, Joe has been shooting for 15 years and still shoots all his weddings in film and only uses digital when necessary.  This is a man who knows his craft!  Starting from humble beginnings, Joe is now one of the most sought after photographers for weddings with clients including, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, etc... has been featured in countless magazines, travels the globe and has even shot Steven Spielberg's birthday!  And has been adopted into becoming their personal friends and photographer!  WOW!

But you know it wasn't just his business accomplishments that through me back, but the images that he is capable of capturing was what really took my breath away.  I have never felt such a stir of emotions from looking at an image before, and man can this guy tell a story...
Joe Buissink 91409

Joe Buissink 91409

Kenny and Kimmy, thanks for your input guys, pleasure meeting you both and I hope I'll get to shoot or even just hang out with you guys someday :)  That's another reason why I love these things, is not only do I get to learn SO much, but I get to meet some great individuals and network with more people that share my passion!

I apologize for the vagueness of this blog, but there really is no way to describe how amazing of an experience it was to meet him.  In every image he showed us I completely forgot about everyone else in the room and felt as if I was there with him, when he captured that perfect moment.  His photographic work, business savvy and relationships that he builds with his clients are only somethings I hope to be able to achieve someday in my business and as I grow.
Joe Buissink 91409
This definitely was the most amazing photo journey I've ever been on, and I didn't even have to leave my seat!  Thank you Joe for teaching me how to become a better photographer and how to embrace, seek, and develop my talents, how to be in the moment, but shoot between them.  :)

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Jennifer said...

He does majority on film! Okay he's definitely a photography hero in my books.

Sounds like you had an excellent time!