Monday, September 14, 2009


The thing about coffee shops is you never know what kind of experience your going to get once you enter the doors and hear that little bell chime in.  I think that's why everyone plans to meet up there?  Dollop, huh?  Aside from trying to get that ridiculously annoying Daisy commercial jingle for sour cream or whatever it was out of my head; I was getting anxious, to finally get into the city and to be meeting other photographers!  I walked into the coffee shop, and my eyes were delightfully greeted by the eclectic blend of urban artistry that the buildings decor had... but most of all I was stoked to see smiling faces with their camera bags flung over their shoulders, I thought "oh yeah, this is the right place."
On September 9th I had the opportunity to go have coffee with some of the nicest photographers in the Chicago land area whose talents range all over from, weddings and babies to nature, and even a guy who just moved from L.A. two weeks ago!  "Ny, what's up man!?!" ;)  We were all getting together to learn and share with the very talented and knowledgeable Lawrence Chan, who is beginning his Tofurious tour on SEO across the country. 
Surprise visit by Bob Davis, amazing photographer and co-creator with his wife Dawn of "The Love Story Workshops"  Which I hope to attend someday ;)  Not going to lie, I was a little star struck... I'm such a goober ;)
I tell ya this was such a great experience, to have the opportunity of meeting some great people and hope to build some strong, professional relationships here.  Thanks again Lawrence for throwing this together and providing us with some great tips on expanding our businesses, and thanks to everyone of you great photographers for attending and making this such an enjoyable experience!  I can't wait to hang out and work with you all again in the future!
The Chicago coffee club ;)  Happy Shooting everybody!
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Lawrence @tofurious said...

Pleasure meeting you and everyone else in Chicago!

Otto Rascon said...

Thanks for this write up Steve. It was cool seeing again and I hope to hang out soon, maybe even do some shooting :)

Ray Pryor said...

Great to see / meet everyone; let's stay in touch! Looking forward to the workshop ...

P.S. *In soup nazi voice* Lawrence, no milk for you!