Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photofusion: BOB DAVIS

What a fun workshop!  Sponsored by Calumet photography store and Canon, Bob Davis presented photofusion!  
[some of Canon's goodies ;) ]
A brand new upcoming photo/video splicing technique, basically mixing video with still images using the new Canon 5D Mark II, an amazing camera by the way.  
Bob Davis, an amazing photographer and friend, held a very informative workshop and in true Bob fashion, made it a lot of fun by holding a mock wedding right there in Calumet's event studio where we got to try using the Mark II video capabilities and editing techniques.  
Now be warned this camera and photofusion techniques are not for the light-hearted and easily stressed... it is a pretty difficult technique to try and capture video as well as stills by a single person.  Definitely recommended that if you're going to shoot video, focus on video and have a second shooter be in charge of stills.  But as much of a production that this technique is, it is also a lot of fun, and the end product is really cool! ;)  
I mean come on look at this rig set up!  It's the photographers' transformer, "Optical Prime!" wah wah.  Check out our home-made wedding where (yours truly) got to play the groom!  Haha I met my bride that day, found out her name, and married her, what an experience! ;)  Enjoy my pretend wedding and photofusion ;)



Jennifer said...

Hahha that's so fun :D
Great role playing you two! That was totally like an "I'm happy" video clip.

Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun and making new friends.

Dawn Davis said...

Ohhhh, so fun! I wish I could have been there with Bob. You guys have way too much fun.

Ewa said...

Steven! Recording and driving IN the City - That is extremely dangerous !!! :)