Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding planning from a different perspective...

Well I had the great opportunity to photographically document my good friend Karine France Matsumoto, a WONDERFUL wedding planner and owner of Seasons of Life Wedding and Event planning!  She is such an organized and friendly person!  So I was thrilled when she asked me to take photos of her at one of her meetings with her fabulous bride and groom clients, Jennifer and Justin... who by the way will be having A BEAUTIFUL hawaiian beach wedding in September!  Which I hope to have the opportunity to be a second shooter for!  It was so cool to see a small part of the wedding planning process from a planners aspect.  This was a new photographic experience for me cause I've never really documented a meeting before, but if was FUN and I got to meet some great people!  Like Joshua from Fisheye Studio who is an amazing videographer!  Here are some of my fun ones from the day!

After the meeting was done, we did a really little... mini... profile shoot :)

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