Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello all,
Ok, so I am absolutely terrible at the whole blogging bit... I am sorry to all of you who read my stuff... unless you've given up :(  Well, I hope you haven't, but anywho... so there has been a lot of things going on in my life lately;  I am officially 23 yrs old now (HOLY COW!!!)  Also, I am really trying to get a better grasp on owning a business and with all these new things going on in my life it is very, Very, VERY!  difficult trying to develop a work flow, so again I want to apologize to all of those who may be waiting to hear from me :(  

On a brighter note... yesterday I got to attend my 1st photography conference, IT WAS AMAZING!!!  I had the privilege of finally meeting the infamous David Jay... I think he is a photographer? ;)  Just kidding :)  and the absolute privilege of meeting Jasmine Starr, who is FANTASTIC!!  Along with those two I got to meet a whole lot of wonderful people and other photographers and I learned so much about how to better my business :)  I also have just recently bought show it web and am trying to figure out the last step of publishing the slideshows, so hopefully once I do that I will be putting up some slideshows on the blog and be able to keep updating you all about what's new.  

Oh yeah... if anyone can help me out in publishing the slideshows from show it that'd be greatly appreciated :)  Hope you all are doing well, and please keep checking in, I promise to work on my BLOGGING SKILLS!!!  :)

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Jennifer said...

I checked out the family and senior photo gallery on the website. Everyone looks incredible. Gianna looks fabulous and the children in the family photos look so adorable!