Monday, March 2, 2009


Well folks, I have been living in Hawaii now for approximately 4 months, since I've been here I have been searching for a good church.  As many of you may have experienced finding a church is somewhat of a process, and I've been to some great churches but none really felt like home... until now!!!  My new room mate told us about this church and we started going and it has been great the people are AWESOME, and Pastor Jordan delivers GREAT and INSPIRING, HEARTFELT messages with a subtle wit about him that keeps you enthused during the message.  Every week it is a bitter sweet battle because I can't wait to get to church and spend time with all the amazing people!!!  But knowing that the next day is Monday, oye... but facing the week is not so bad, when you've heard God's word, through great delivery and great people!  Here are some pictures of our church, Bluewater Mission, today we had a pot luck get together, a great time of fun and fellowship!  God is truly blessing my life!!!  Enjoy!

Pastor Jordan Seng
Our great sounding WORSHIP BAND!!!
Look at all of us enjoying the food...

WHOA!!!  Can we eat or can we EAT!?!  ;)

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Cait said...

Praise God! I'm so glad you found a good local church! I hope God blesses you by those people and that they are blessed by you!