Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hey All,
       Once again, it's been a while hasn't it, oy ve'...  Anyways, today was a pretty interesting day today.  It started out with construction; so our building is having fire stops put in every apartment surrounding the pipes, so this morning was filled with loud annoying sounds, not a very fun experience.  Then, I did some work so a pretty slow morning, but what else is new in Hawaii :)  The fun part was when I went to the gym today, just went for my normal work out and low and behold, my favorite World Champion/ Olympic Triathlete, Andy Potts, was there!!!  Totally forgot that he was coming so that was a pleasant surprise.  I got to talk with him and got his autograph and a picture.  He had just finished the Ironman Triathlon Hawaii, yesterday!  OH MAN I MISSED IT :(  But I got to meet Andy, as well as 3 other Ironman competitors so that was pretty exciting, and it made me possible set another new goal for myself... I think one day I hope to do the Ironman competition :)  And there is another triathlon in May, so I'm hoping, by God's graces and financial provision, I'll be able to afford the equipment to train and prep for it :D  Well, that was my awesome day!  Please keep your prayers up to those of you who read this that God will PROVIDE, both in photography business, personal training and just finances in general... THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU WHO KEEP PRAYING AND READ MY BLOG!!!  Be BLESSED EVERYONE!!!

(This one was taken by my camera phone, so not as good quality, but not bad, eh? *wink)

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