Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally some FASHION!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally hear!!!!  God has truly been blessing my life in so many ways, and this is just a fraction of his Glory!!  These are some photos of a fashion shoot where I got to style the looks using some of my clothing and some of his (shout out to Max), FASHION STYLING is another business that I am trying to get started, whether it is from fashion shoots, to unhappy spouses with the way their significant others are dressing, just shoot me an email to find out more about my FASHION CONSULTING SERVICE and some shopping and style!!!  But back to the photos, I am open to helping any new designers in creating a portfolio for their clothes that they design from individual shots like these to thematic group shots.  My style of fashion photography is LIFESTYLE FASHION, more of those to come, but for now ENJOY these shots and be on the look out for more of my work!!  GOD BLESS!!!

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Sarah Renee said...

Wow! All of these look great!! iiiii like it! :)